Aubrey grew up on old black & white movies and has been a lover of all things old ever since. Brett is what Aubrey calls a “man’s man” and has the mad skills of being able to build whatever vision Aubrey creates in her head! With their powers combined, they are able to put together beautiful pieces that will dress up and finish your event! Brett & Aubrey’s passion has become a family affair as their 2 young boys tag along “treasure hunting” with mom and helping dad build and paint. Working in the wedding industry herself, Aubrey noticed the lack of rustic wedding décor to rent and finally came home one day and said, “Brett, we’re doing this!”, and thus the birth of Barnyard Bride.

When they are not finding sweet vintage items for ya’ll, Aubrey and Brett enjoy biking to the park with their kiddos, having epic nerf gun battles, watching all sports and eating good food, usually high in calories! Brett and Aubrey meet at church back in 2005, got married in 2006, as cliché as it is, they are truly best friends. They have worked together, coached together, and are excited to work together again providing you with beautifully rustic pieces together.