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Wood Slices, Rounds, Planks


Natural tree slices are the perfect way to showcase cakes, desserts, candles, framed … Bark covered vases and containers to use for a rustic wedding or event.

Rustic Crate Decor


We love the ideas of using wooden crates to style barn, farm, vintage or other rustic weddings.

Wine Barrel Decor


Wine barrels are becoming increasingly popular in weddings! They combine rustic, vintage, countryside and sophistication into a perfectly chic event!

Rustic Cotton Centerpiece


Charming cotton boll stems in a rustic wood planter are the perfect combination for adding some farmhouse style to your wedding’s decor. This charming centerpiece is sure to add a fresh touch to any area.

Smores Bar


S’mores! The name of this super-popular treat says it all. The party world, and now the wedding world as well, can’t seem to get enough of it’s chocolatey, gooey goodness.

Rustic Ladder


This vintage, wood ladder is a great accent piece for weddings. Accent with vintage props, or frames, or use with wood planks to create a beverage station.

Metal Swirl


This adorable metal swirl cart will be perfect for your event, wedding, or shoot. It can be used to hold and present your decorations, displays, signage, and more, or it can stand on its own as an accent piece that will still get a few compliments. This cart is a piece you won’t want to forget for your event.